SQ Mag seeking submissions

SQ Mag is looking for submissions for their ‘Australiana’ themed 14th edition.

“In 2013 SQ Mag had a special edition on women writers in speculative fiction. This was amazingly successful and we have decided to run each year’s 1 May edition as a themed collection. We do not feel confined to any particular style or form of collection, and they can range from ‘higher’ themes such as women in writing, to downright straightforward entertainment and wimsy. The submissions pipe for Edition 14 is now open and the theme is ‘Australiana’.”


[‘Australiana’ means that the story must be in an Australian setting, or the major protagonist/s are Australian, or in some other, meaningful way be associated with Australia.]

The full submission guidelines can be found here.

SQ Mag is an international speculative fiction ezine that comes out bi-monthly (watch out for new editions on the 1st of January, March, May, July, September, and November each year). In addition to this, they also release an annual anthology called Star Quake, which captures the best stories published the previous year.

SQ Mag strives to present the highest standard fantasy, horror, and science fiction, and they publish around five pieces of fiction each edition. They are also committed to publishing at least one of each genre, and a high percentage of ‘new, upcoming’ authors, in each issue.


The ezine has, in its short life, already climbed from ‘for the love’ to a ‘token’ market for unsolicited manuscripts. To raise the bar, and to aid new writers, SQ Mag periodically solicits better established writers, and they have been very successful in this field: Jay Lake, Cat Rambo, Cat Sparks, Gary McMahon, Daniel I Russell, Tonia Brown – and they have some greats coming up: Kaaron Warren, Jeremy C Shipp, Alan Baxter, and Sean Williams.

SQ Mag is an international ezine with a love of the English language and the nuances of different idioms. They publish stories in the nationality of English they receive manuscripts – if a story is written in UK English, they publish in UK English. There will be a small tag next to each author citation with the flag of the English form. It does not necessarily represent the nationality of the author.

SQ Mag is an Australian Company published by IFWG Publishing Australia, and is licensed to use the IFWG Publishing and IFWG Publishing Australia imprints (these publishers also release children’s and adult speculative fiction).

Please note that SQ Mag is a free magazine. It works on the business model of gaining revenue from donations, advertising, and merchandising (including the Star Quake anthologies). This is a tough model, and SQ Mag encourages readers who enjoy SQ Mag to consider donating to the worth of the reading experience.

[With thanks to Gerry Huntman]

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